This is what Self-Care looks like.

Do you ever feel like you’re letting someone (or everyone) down? Like you Just. Cant. Seem. To. Find. A. Routine. That. Works. For. Everyone? 

*SPOILER ALERT*  There isn’t one. 

As women, we tend to shove everything on our plate, juggle 100000000 things at once and when the plate is full and juuusssstt about to overflow we show up EVEN MORE. We show up to the party looking like Wonderwoman but feeling like a big hot mess. Things is, there’s only so long we can keep up this pace and still produce results without our actual hot messiness showing through like a red wine stain on our immaculate couture. 

Let me make this clear. It is actually, physically impossible for you to be everywhere and do everything and be everything to everyone. 

There, I said it. Bring on the damnation, wailing and stern disapproval of the Stepford domestic brigade (I giggled when I wrote that because it’s true) 

But here’s the thing, if we’re doing all of the stuff for everyone else and just keeping up appearances (anyone else remember how we all howled with laughter at Mrs Bouquet AKA Mrs Bucket in the UK sitcom and her sheer desperation to be picture perfect back in the day?) then we cannot possibly hope to be great at the things we actually, you know, want to do.

Choosing to do something for ourselves is going to require us to not do something (or more than one thing) for someone else. We only have so much plate space and believe it or not you get to decide what goes on it. Choosing for ourselves is where the empowerment is. 

There are many tools around for clicking off the cruise control and taking back control of our lives and whichever you choose is fine, just make sure you do choose! When I coach my Leading Lady Programme, module one is always Environmental Detox—in other words, taking a good old look at where our energy is going and whether or not our way of life is serving us.  By identifying and managing our energy leaks and setting some boundaries, we can enjoy a new healthier, happier and more empowered version of ourselves and this is EXACTLY the point. 

We need to take better care of ourselves. 

Self-care is often portrayed as a hot bath or scented candles, and while those things are nice, they are missing the point. Real Self-Care is radical and rebellious. It’s about sometimes saying no, setting boundaries and advocating for yourself because believe me, if you don’t, no one else will.

What can you put on your to NOT do list today? 

Why not jump into The 1000+ member strong Community and share your self-care stories? You never know who you might inspire along the way. 

With love and until next time CEO’s,


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