What can we do in uncertain times?

This week had been all kinds of crazy, hasn’t it? Coronavirus (COVID-19) is hitting headlines everywhere, panic buying, stockpiling and the closure of public places are all causes to retreat into our spaces and rethink our immediate plans. 

All of this has got me to thinking, if we can’t control what’s happening on the outside what can we control on the inside? As Susan Hyatt would say ‘What would feel like love?’ In times when everything feels like it’s falling apart or going batshit crazy this is always my default. When I don’t have the immediate answers this gets me through because it’s simply about what would feel good to me right now? 

What can you do, today, that would feel good to you? What could you create/ plan/ make happen that would be an upgrade to your life in any way, small or big?

Cancelled plans leave time voids, what could you do with that time? Could you reach out to a friend? A call or text message can go a long way in times of uncertainty. Simple reminders that we are not alone or that we are in someone’s thoughts can make all the difference. Could you create a virtual space like The Community to bring people together in an empowering way? This could be centred around an interest, business idea, or a hobby. You don’t need for something to be created for you, be a pioneer! Lead the way! Perhaps you could use this time to get ahead with content creation. Getting your blogs, videos and articles in order and stored away for when time is tight and you need a go-to quick piece of content for your business? You’ll feel great when you get to use them and you’re not pushed to make them in a hurry. You could use this time to dive into the value you offer and make it authentic, your people will love you for it. Guaranteed. 

How could you upgrade your space? You get to control your environment both physical and digital – what needs to go? Where are the energy drains in your inbox or on your social media? Which TV programmes or movies send you off to bed with nightmares? 

Off they go! 

It’s only when we slow down do we really get to see what’s going on all around us. It’s when we take a break from the autopilot setting that we can clearly understand where our distractions and drains are. What would feel good to implement just now? A cosy corner to catch up on the books that you’ve been buying but never getting round to actually reading? Fresh flowers on the corner of your workspace? A new loose leaf teapot and some lavender tea to replace the nightmare-inducing horror channel you’ve become used to? Unfollowing the people on your social feed who quite frankly never have anything positive to say? This is all personal to you, what feels good to me won’t be the same to you and vice versa but I encourage you, in these times of uncertainty to look around you and inside of you and to decide for yourself. To choose a better feeling. 

Let’s face it, society, in general, is not very good at slowing down or self-regulating. But right now it’s a must because this isn’t just about you and me, we have to consider everyone else and love and compassion for each other and humankind in any form can’t be a bad thing. 

Until next week CEO’s with love and lots of extra handwashing! 


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