When everything is important, nothing is

Happy Friday Beautiful!

It’s typically that time when we look forward to what we want our new year to look like. We cast our business goals and personal aspirations into the spotlight, pick them apart and reform them into newer shinier versions ready for the months ahead. In most cases, I love this. There’s nothing like a new planner and a pink biro to get my January off to a strong start but I’ve seen so much on social media this week about ‘New Year, New You’ and BUY ALL OF THESE THINGS TO MAKE YOUR 2020 AMAZING BECAUSE WITHOUT THESE TOOLS NOTHING WILL WORK and you know what dawned on me? 

It can’t all matter at the same time.

We are putting ourselves under so much pressure to make the coming months amazing and shiny and Insta worthy that we are sacrificing our happiness right now. We become so focused on planning for the next twelve months that we drive ourselves crazy giving 110% when in reality, would anyone notice if we actually only gave 90%? As Courtney Carver of Be More With Less says ‘Since overdoing it isn’t working for any of us, maybe we could under-do it for a change’

It feels radical, doesn’t it? She wants me to what? UNDERDO IT? In JANUARY? but think about it. If we stop trying to be everywhere doing everything at breakneck speed we can be much more picky about where our attention goes and in turn, by really slowing down and choosing our priorities carefully we get to decide for ourselves, based on our own needs what really matters. I shared some free resources in our Facebook Community Group last week about gentle reflecting and planning that you might find useful if workbooks are your thing. Feel free to download Part 1and Part 2 and let me know what you think. 

When we make deliberate choices from a place of intention and put our main focus on the areas that matter to us, we are able to see so much more clearly and the planning is a joy because it’s taking us where we really want to go. I’m not saying we get to forfeit all of the crap things we have to do, there’s always an element of stuff that simply has to be done but we do get to choose where our attention goes and how much time we give to it (Plus we can always outsource!). 

Overwrought and Anxious or Deliberate and Excited? 

Only you get to decide.

With love, 


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